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Guide to our new deployment approval system

Walkthrough of the approval process

29.09.2023 | Ilir Raufi | Blog, Development

In our mission to deliver top-quality web experiences, it’s vital to have systems that uphold accuracy and detail. Our new deployment approval system showcases this dedication, empowering you to review every aspect of a website before its grand unveiling. This tool ensures that website deployments align perfectly with your specifications before making them public.Here’s a walk through of the approval process.

Receiving Notification: As soon as a new deployment is ready for your review, you’ll receive an email containing a direct link to the approval system. This link serves as your gateway to the review process, allowing you to access the specific deployment details awaiting your feedback. Simply click on it to be directed to our deployment approval platform.Make sure to bookmark or save this link, as it provides a unique access point to the specific deployment you’re set to review. From there, you can dive in and start the approval process with ease.

Deployment details at a glance:

The very first section presents you with all the vital deployment details like:

  1. Project & Ticket: Understand the specific project and ticket associated with the deployment.
  2. Site Downtime: Be informed about any expected downtime, allowing you to plan accordingly.
  3. Deployment Schedule: Know precisely when the deployment is scheduled to take place.

With these details in hand, you can make informed decisions and ensure a seamless deployment process. Should you need to make adjustments to the deployment schedule or if the timing doesn’t align with your current plans, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us and we will assist and make any necessary changes to ensure the deployment works with your timeline.


Checking Compatibility:

Next, we want to ensure that the deployed website performs optimally across various devices, operating systems, and browsers. Your feedback here is invaluable!This checklist helps in ensuring that when the site goes live, it’s accessible and functional for everyone, regardless of the device, OS, or browser they prefer.As you go through the checklist,please specify which devices,browsers and operating system were used to test the site.This level of detail provides us with insights,helping pinpoint any potential device-specific issues.

Front end section:The frontend of your website is the first thing visitors engage with, making it crucial to ensure everything is working as intended.

For this section, you’ll encounter a series of elements and functionalities commonly present on websites. Your task? Simply indicate whether you’ve tested each element by selecting either “YES” or “NO” .

Check out:To ensure a smooth and reliable checkout experience, this section guides you through key elements of the process. Your feedback on each step is essential. Simply confirm the aspects you’ve tested.

Backend Insights:Take a moment to confirm each mentioned feature functions as expected by marking “YES” or “NO” . This ensures the smooth operation of your website’s core tasks.

Release From Liability:

Before we move forward, it’s crucial to acknowledge and agree upon certain terms. Additionally, please provide your email , this helps us keep a record of who approved the deployment, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the process.

Note : All boxes must be checked to proceed.

File management:

For your convenience, we provide a downloadable file containing detailed insights into the deployment. This assists you in tracking and noting specifics of the sections you’ve tested.


  1. Download: Click to download the existing file. Use this as your reference or to note down any observations while testing.
  2. Update & Upload: Once you’ve completed your testing and made any necessary annotations to the file, upload the updated version back onto the platform. This ensures we’re all on the same page and have a clear record of your observations.


Completion and Approval:Wrapping up your review is straightforward.

Save Progress: If you need more time or wish to revisit certain sections, click on the ‘Save’ button. This ensures all your inputs and checks are saved, allowing you to return and continue your review at any later time without losing any progress.

Finalize & Approve: Once you’re confident with your testing and have ensured all sections are appropriately addressed, hit the ‘Finish’ button. This action is an affirmation that you’ve reviewed the deployment and grant us the green light to proceed.

Upon completion, you effectively notify us that the deployment is ready to move forward.

Please remember, the ‘Finish’ button is a significant step. It’s an indication that you’re satisfied and are ready for it to go live. Ensure you’ve gone through all sections thoroughly before giving your final approval.

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