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Visual CMS of OXID eShop: A Developer’s Perspective

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce platform with Visual CMS

28.07.2023 | Ilir Raufi | Blog, Development

Visual CMS of OXID eShop is a dynamic and feature-rich content management system that empowers developers with a user-friendly platform for creating and managing content on their e-commerce websites. It’s an embodiment of simplicity and power, taking advantage of widget-based page construction, drag-and-drop interfaces, and fully responsive design paradigms.

Widget-Based Design

One of the core strengths of Visual CMS is the flexibility and power provided by its widget-based design. Widgets, which are essentially self-contained units of content like text blocks, images, or products, form the basic building blocks of pages within the system. Visual CMS comes with several predefined widgets to jumpstart the page creation process. The modular nature of widgets makes it easy for developers to reuse elements across different pages, enhancing consistency and reducing redundancy.

Moreover, Visual CMS allows developers to extend its functionality by adding custom widgets. The system then turns these widgets into shortcodes, that are saved as content. This feature gives developers a robust and versatile toolset for customizing the appearance and functionality of their pages.

The Visual CMS has embraced the intuitive nature of the drag-and-drop interface, making the creation and arrangement of page elements a breeze. Developers can drag widgets onto the page and place them precisely where they want, enabling them to construct complex layouts quickly and easily. This feature not only speeds up the design process but also allows developers to experiment with different layouts without extensive coding.

In today’s multi-device world, it’s essential for websites to look and function well on a variety of screen sizes and devices. Visual CMS incorporates a responsive grid system that optimizes content for any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. By default, the module uses a streamlined version of the Bootstrap grid system, a popular framework known for its responsiveness and ease of use. However, the system is flexible enough to accommodate custom grid systems, giving developers the freedom to implement their preferred layouts and designs.

Theme Integration

Visual CMS boasts impressive compatibility with several OXID eShop themes, including Azure, Flow, and RoxIVE. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and consistency across different themes. If developers choose to use other themes, they might have to make minor adaptations, but the system’s flexibility means it can still work well with a broad array of designs.

The Visual CMS of OXID eShop represents a formidable tool for developers involved in e-commerce content management. It marries power and ease of use, offering a bevy of features that streamline page creation and management. The ability to extend the system with custom widgets, the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the responsive grid system, and impressive theme compatibility all contribute to a CMS that is not only robust and flexible, but also user-friendly. Whether for a seasoned developer or a novice, Visual CMS stands as a premier choice for managing e-commerce content.

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